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Granny Flats

Granny Flats (Lockup Stage Offer)

Granny flats are a very popular topic, and we have the perfect solution for anyone seeking well-built Granny Flat at affordable price.

There is no kit or system that can beat our offer. For a limited time only, offer expires 1st of May 2019

We offer Supply, delivery & installation of a lockup stage Granny flat as per your plans, this includes:

  • External walls (Prefabricated using panelup system) R 3.69 energy rated
  • Internal walls using 90mm timber frames
  • Raked Ceiling Joists in Living area
  • Solarspan roofing panels 125mm R3.7
  • Window Installation
  • Eaves pre-painted
  • Delivery to site
  • Installation
  • Engineering Certificate

Price is $38,000.00 GST Inclusive

What you need to arrange is:

  • Plans and Approvals (We can arrange)
  • Concrete or timber floor structure (We can arrange)
  • Windows (We can arrange)
  • Wall cladding (We can arrange)
  • Plasterboard
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Kitchen & Joinery
  • Floor covering
  • Painting
  • Fascia, Gutters or connection to Storm Water
  • All other dwelling & site costs

This is perfect for Owner Builders and all other Handy People that want to save Tens of thousand of Dollars. Why give it to Builders, when you can pick up the phone and schedule few tradies and have full control of your project. Getting to lockup stage is the hardest part in construction, so leave this to us and you concentrate on final touches.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Min 2.7m Site width access to area where Granny Flat will be built (For trucks to drive in)
  • Min 3.6m Site Height for truck access (This can vary depending on our trucks)
  • Max distance 100km from Wollongong NSW (Additional costs for other areas)
  • Steel sites or areas where trucks can access your back yard might have additional costs
  • Owner arranges ‘Owner Builder’ permit (We can also go through our Builder’s licence if needed)
  • Roof style to be Flat, Skilion or Raked (No hips or Valleys)

Why should I go with this?

  • Save up to $40,000! To complete our kit, it might cost you anywhere between $70-$80,000 depending on type of finishes and tradies that you pick, however other Builders charge min $120,000 for a weatherboard granny flat
  • Our Granny Flats easily achieve 8-star energy rating subject to your plans and orientation, VS Traditional builds which hardly meet minimum 6-star rating
  • Build in bush prone area at no extra cost for the construction (Traditional Build would cost you over $10,000 more)
  • Build it 3 times faster, rent it quicker, this can save you anywhere between $5-10,000 on interest and quicker money return from renting it earlier.
  • Less tradies on site and less organisation and much better control over quality
  • Less distraction for house occupants and for your neighbours
  • If needed we’ll help you manage the project, source tradies and advise you to the end.
  • Built stronger, straighter, healthier and greener by Bondor, an Australian company that has been around since 1950s.

4 Step Processes:


Accept our quote
Sign Contract
Obtain plans and approvals
We install the kit within 3-4 weeks from placing the order.


Where do we begin?

Send us your email to sales@panelup.com.au or come and see our showroom at 67 Montague Street, North Wollongong

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